Why Christian Eyebrows?

Why should you strive for beautiful eyebrows?

Have you ever seen a pretty picture without a frame? Chances are you felt that it was missing something. This is kind of what an attractive face looks like without complimentary eyebrows.

A fantastic set of eyebrows “frames” a face. They have the ability to make an otherwise “Plain Jane” look really good.

Besides acting as a frame, good eyebrows also have the potential to give the face symmetry.

Symmetry, especially facial symmetry is one of the number one aesthetic traits, associated with physical attractiveness and beauty of a person.

Check out most men and women that are universally considered attractive. Most if not all of them have great facial symmetry and a nice set of brows.

It’s not all about looks though. Consider this for a second. Nothing affects your confidence more than being self-conscious. Get yourself a good set of eyebrows and watch yourself-confidence improve.

If you don’t naturally have great eyebrows then Christian Eyebrows is a match made in heaven for you.

You will achieve great symmetry, shape and naturally defined eyebrows effortlessly as part of your morning routine with Christian Eyebrows.

Visit your nearest stockist to get a colour match demonstration with a Christian Eyebrow Expert.

What is the difference between Christian Eyebrows and Anastasia Eyebrows?

Anastasia Eyebrows use a different technique involving brow gel, concealer and 2 powders that you purchase for over $100.

Our product is much simpler and easier to use and retails for $44.95 which is great value for money.

What are the key benefits of choosing Christian Eyebrows?

Christian Eyebrows’ fill in scars, thickens,colours and shapes the brows.

The perfect eyebrows last for at least 24 hours, even whilst showering, swimming, perspiring or visiting the sauna.

It is affordable for only $44.95 and lasts for up to 12 months depending on personal usage.

What comes in my Christian Eyebrows Kit?

Each ‘Christian Eyebrows’ kit includes powder, applicator brush, 3 stencils and a compact case for easy application anywhere. It comes in 8 shades and must be applied by a therapist to choose the right colour to suit hair and skin.

How do I buy Christian Eyebrows?

Please click on ___________to find your nearest stockist.YourChristianexpert will demonstrate on one eyebrow first. You will then be able to see the difference Christian Eyebrowsmakes to your face in comparison to your other eyebrow.

Your Christian Eyebrows expert will be able to talk through the simplicity and effectiveness of introducing Christian Eyebrows to your morning make-up routine.

How Do I Use Christian Eyebrows?

How do I know if the right colour has been chosen for me?

Your Salon, Spa personnel or make-up artist has been trained to pick out the colour that best suits your skin and hair colour.

Trust the colour picked out for you during demonstration as it is usually not what comes to mind.

The idea is that it should look natural and defining.

Sometimes although your Christian Eyebrows expert has done a great job at colour matching, having a set of eyebrows may come as a shock.

This is the case with people who are used to having their eyebrows blend into their skin and undefined.

As we know, having eyebrows will change the way we look, in a positive and refreshing way.

However if you have a personnel preference due to feeling uncomfortable with your new look, please communicate this to your Christian Eyebrows expert.

There may be techniques such as applying less product or starting with a lighter tone that may suit your immediate needs.

How do you apply it?
  1. Select the stencil that goes according to the width of your arch: Thin, Natural or Thick
  2. Place the stencil on the eyebrow, align arch of the stencil with your eyebrow arch and allow the rest of the stencil to fall into place with your hair growth.
  3. Keep the stencil flat and stabile on the skin by using the middle and pointing finger.
  4. Take the brush with some product, dust some off on a tissue first and then apply the powder lightly on the eyebrow at the opening in the stencil.
  5. Brush from the tail of your eyebrow (thinnest end) towards your arch.  Apply the powder in both directions for a uniform finish.
  6. Finish by brushing very lightly towards the head of your eyebrow (thickest end). The head of the eyebrow only needs a little product to fill in any gaps. Too much product in this area will make the eyebrows look too dark and unnatural. The thinnest part of your eyebrow is where you have less hairs and pigment and thus more powder is required here. Also the length and shape of the thinnest part of your eyebrow and arch is what frames your face thus more emphasis here.
  7. Remove the stencil from your eyebrow. Tissue off any excess product on your stencil and then repeat the same process on the other eyebrow.
When do I apply Christian?

Introduce Christian Eyebrows as part of your morning routine.

Christian Eyebrows is best applied after your base make-up and before you apply your eye make-up.

It gets challenging and messy to place your stencil on your eyebrow after you have eye shadow and mascara on, thus do this before eye-make up application.

Your eyebrows will hold for 24 hours and is water resistant.

If you have a shower and wash your make-up off, just re-apply Christian Eyebrows with the rest of your make up.

How Can Christian Eyebrows Help?

I am a swimmer so would I always be re-applying Christian Eyebrows?

No, that’s the beauty of Christian Eyebrows. It is semi-permanent, waterproof and sweat proof.

My brows are over tweezed and I’m trying to grow them out. How can Christian Help?

If you have over tweezed your brow, you need not worry. You can keep growing it whilst using the Christian Eyebrow system at home. Using a stencil that suits, you can powder in your shape and this will disguise the regrowth coming back so your brows look full and tidy. You will be very pleased with your natural and defined looking eye brows every day whilst regrowing your hairs back.

What is the ideal shape for my brows?

Be guided by your Christian Eyebrow expert on which eyebrow stencil best suits your face.

The ideal shape is the one that appears most natural to you.

Most of the time filling gaps and lengthening the tail end of your eyebrow gives you the ideal shape. Apply less productat the thicker end of your eyebrow as generally hairs define this area well.Apply more productat the arch and tail end of your eyebrows to define and lengthen this area further. This will give you a natural but elegant look.

I have been tinting my eyebrows. How can Christian help?

You can continue tinting your eyebrows because by colouring the finer hairs your eyebrows will appearthicker. Christian Eyebrows is an add-on to your everyday morning make-up routine. It will help define, fill in any gaps and lengthen your eyebrows, where hair is lacking.

I am a person who has uneven eyebrows so I look lop sided even when they are waxed or tinted. How Christian Eyebrows help?

Christian Eyebrows are brilliant to use as a corrector for uneven eyebrows. They will balance your eyebrows to perfection.

I have tattooed my eyebrows. How can Christian help?

Christian Eyebrows will help you moderate the colour and shape of your tattooed eyebrows to appear more natural to your skin and hair type.

I have alopecia. How can Christian help?

Christian Eyebrows will restore your confidence with natural looking eyebrows that will frame your face beautifully.  Christian Eyebrows sticks to the skin where hairs don’t grow and is water resistant, making it a perfect solution for those suffering from alopecia

I have just been receiving cancer treatment. How can Christian help?

Many cancer patients use Christian Eyebrows as a confidence booster to bring back symmetry and beauty to their face.

Christian Eyebrows sticks to the skin where hairs don’t grow and is water resistant. It sits on top of the skin and thus does not penetrate or react to the treatment most cancer patients are receiving.

If you are receiving radiation therapy in the vicinity of your eyebrows, we would request you check the usage of this product with your oncologist first.

So I don’t need to groom my eyebrows anymore?

Just like other parts of your body require grooming and maintenance, so do your eyebrows. Waxing, plucking and threading are essential to grooming your eyebrows.

Christian Eyebrows works best when your eyebrows are well groomed. 

Christian Eyebrows can also help you give an illusion of well-groomed eyebrows during those busy periods when you can’t make it to your salon fast enough.

I use a pencil every day, why should I migrate to Christian Eyebrows?

Christian Eyebrows is an evolution from the popular pencil. Where the pencil lacks, Christian Eyebrows delivers.

Using the pencil as part of your make-up regime can be frustrating and not practical for the everyday, busy woman.

The Christian eyebrows stencil allows you to achieveperfectly even and symmetrical eyebrows every time. The Christian eyebrows powder is water resistant and gives you lasting eyebrows all day without retouching. Christian eyebrows also blends in beautifully with your skin and leaves no drawing line effects that comes withusing a pencil.