Lasting wear for 24 hours
fast and easy to apply
comes in 8 shades

how to apply

Perfect eyebrows in seconds, learn just how easy the Christian Eyebrow Make Up is to apply.

  • 1
    Clean the skin hairs
    of the eyebrows.
  • 2
    Use stencil & to apply
    the powder.
  • 3
    The powder lasts for
    24 hours.
  • 4
    Useful for people who have no or partly eyebrows. it will cover greys.

"Still wanting to touch and feel Christian before committing to a package, grab a Testerblock and offer your customers a free in-salon eyebrow makeover."

A must-have for any professional make-up artist kits

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  • Judy MacKelvie
    Harmony Beauty & Day Spa

    Many clients come into our salon bearing a photo of some celebrity's eyebrows they would like to copy (sound familiar?). This is often a challenge given what we are presented with, however with a professional wax by our experienced therapist, and finish with Christian eyebrow stencils we are able to create perfect symmetry and that celebrity look! Christian stencils have increased customer satisfaction with that "wow" factor, ...

  • Rachel Kotoski
    Boutique Lashes
    I am the owner of Boutique Lashes an Eyelash Extensions Salon in Melbourne, we first introduced Christian Eyebrow Kits after I attended Salon Melbourne in 2013 and found Christian there. I was immediately impressed with how simple it was to transform eyebrows in a natural looking way that lasted all day. I purchased the testerblock to try on my clients after their lashes had been done and see the response I got prior to buying the kits. Well m...
  • Alicia Rapa
    Alicias Beauty Room
    Christians Eyebrow Stencils have given my salon and my clients the confidence to have PERFECT eyebrows everyday no matter if your eyebrows are already shaped correctly, or if you are training them to grow into a new shape, the Christian eyebrow kits fill in and define the eyebrows perfectly. Clients leave the salon extremely happy with the shape and can then take the kit home for defining there eyebrows in between there waxes...
  • Rachel and Tania
    Precious Lady Beauty Boutique
    Christian eyebrows are amazing. They're so easy to sell. As soon as we try the powder on a client during an eyebrow wax or during consultation, majority of women fall in love with this product. It's so easy to use and looks fabulous. We highly recommend it and much prefer it to using a pencil for brow shaping. They last so long, both of us have one and can't speak highly enough about it! ...
  • Tammy Wakely
    Skin & Wax Solutions
    Since introducing Christian Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup into our Salon Skin & Wax Solutions it has literally changed the way so many women feel about their brows, after their services and a quick tutorial from our therapists our clients leave the salon feeling wonderful and confident about applying their own brow makeup. The stencils and brush have made it possible to achieve that salon shape and finish at home and it is the perfect complime...
  • Eirini Koukouzeli
    Natural Beauty Therapist, Make Up Artist, Product Specialist, Health & Lifestyle Coach
    Christian is an incredible product which exceeds it's time, the one an only semi permanent eyebrow color that's natural and soft. Can be applied in several natural stenciled looks or free hand and in dark medium or light depending on your application. It's the best product I have found on the market internationally and affordable for what it delivers. It's up scaled my eyebrow sculptures, make up looks and clients with little to no hair. Christia...